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Independent Instructor

Outer Reef Scuba’s Independent Instructor Affiliation Program allows Independent Instructors the benefits of having a home store, without the commitment of teaching for a “shop”. This program is designed to be an asset to the Independent Instructors of Indianapolis, who have their own classes and schedules set.

Who qualifies?

Independent Instructors, with current valid teaching status with any certifying agency. Instructors must have proof of current personal and liability insurance.
How much does it cost?

Nothing. It is a free program. We are looking to build the Indianapolis Diving Community. We believe there is strength in numbers. The more people we can get involved, the stronger our community will become.

How can I sign up?
Contact us here to enroll.

Independent Instructor Affiliation Program Benefits
– Gear discount
– Discounted rental gear for classes that you are teaching
– Free instructor air fills when filling tanks at Outer Reef for your personal classes
– Early access to upcoming travel for your current students
– Quarterly networking opportunities
– Ask about your yearly bonus!