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Refresher Course

A Scuba Skills Update provides you with the opportunity to review and practice the basic scuba skills that you learned in your original open water diver training program.

Referral Diver Program

This course is designed for people who are wanting to obtain their Open Water Scuba Diver Certification but will be conducting their checkout dives at a different resort. This program includes the required six academic sessions, six pool sessions, and a referral packet to take to the dive destination of your choice, where you will complete your 4 Open Water Checkout dives. We can work with the resort of your choice to arrange the details for the checkout dives. Please note that each resort will have its own fees, separate from the cost of this course.

Open Water Scuba Diver

The Open Water Diver certification gives you access to vast oceans and your local lakes and quarries. This entry-level certification allows you to participate in many supervised and unsupervised dive activities. You will probably want to take additional training later, but Open Water Scuba Diver certification will start you on your way to many exciting underwater adventures. During the confined water and open water dives, you will learn how to assemble, operate and break down your scuba kit. You will also learn basic scuba skills such as mask and regulator clearing, buoyancy control, emergency air management, and dive planning.

Aug 10
Wreck Diver
Aug 11
Open Water Scuba Diver