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Elizabeth Hoskins
HMIC: Head Mermaid In Charge

Shark Lover
TDI Instructor

Elizabeth started her scuba journey in 2006. After a snorkeling trip in Hawaii, she wasted no time in pursuing her Open Water Certification. The start of her journey was less than perfect, but out of that experience, she has learned that given the right amount of guidance and patience, anyone can enjoy our underwater world. She has a love for marine ecology, vibrant corals, warm waters, and days full of sunshine. Her favorite place to dive is anywhere there is water. She is not afraid of trying anything new and brings her passion with her wherever she goes.  She is dedicated to developing divers at every level from beginner to the pro level.
Ryan Ricci
Turtle Whisperer
Gear Monkey

Ryan started his scuba adventures in a small lake in Southern Michigan. His uncle introduced him to diving in 1987. At 8 years old, his uncle put him on a regulator, and experience the underwater world for the first time. Ryan spent the next 7 years searching for propellers, outboard motors, anything else of value and just having fun in the underwater world of small freshwater lakes and springs. Fast forward 15 years, he found himself in the Caribbean and mesmerized by the fish life while snorkeling.  A few years later, he vacationed in Cozumel, this was the first time he had seen a pressure gauge, a computer, or even a BC. He was wondering where his J-valve pull was. Once he hit the ocean current and cruised that amazing reef, he was hooked back on the sport. Back in Indianapolis he immediately signed up for an Open Water Course. After 4 years of active diving and continuing education, he followed his passion into the pro world of scuba. He has dreamed of buying and starting a quarry for the past 8 years, so when the idea of opening a shop came up he jumped in feet first!