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Diver4Divers 2021 Local Dive Events

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Is it time to splash locally?!?! Who else is looking forward to the 2021 LOCAL Dive Season?!
Ryan and I, like you, are Divers and we live the #DiveLife. We know that you just want to dive and hang and not pay extra fees to do so.
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Our 2021 Season Is Being Posted:
???? May 7th - 9th
Phillips Quarry Muncie IN
???? June: Date and Location to Be Announced ????
???? July 16th -18th
Gilboa Quarry, Inc.
???? Sept: Date to TBD
Haigh Quarry
???? October: Underwater Pumpkin Carving
Philips Outdoor Center

All of our Divers4Divers events have no extra fees to a club. Divers are responsible for all travel, accommodations, food, dive site fees, and gear/rentals. We do provide a cookout on the Saturday Night of each event!!!