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Junior Octos - Youth Scuba Program

 "Sometimes you never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory" Dr. Seuss

Are you ready to make some incredible memories with your family? 
The time is now! Scuba is the greatest family bonding adventure you can take.  You will learn the fundamentals of diving with a focus on safety.
We provide you with the knowledge and practical training to comfortably dive in the Open Water on your next vacation!


Snorkeling is the use of mask fins and snorkel to primarily swim on the surface while being able to keep your face in the water without having to lift your head to breathe. Periodically you may dive below the surface for a short period of time to exam something closer.  Ages 8 and up.

Discover Scuba Diving
For those who want to test the waters and try scuba, this is the course for you! The Scuba Discovery Program gives you a glimpse of what you can expect to experience in the underwater world as well as what you could expect to learn in the Open Water Scuba Diver course. During this experience program, you will go through the basic safety procedures for enjoyable scuba diving under the watchful eye of an active Instructor. 
Ages 10 and up.
Starting at $50

Junior Open Water Diver
The Open Water Diver certification gives you access to vast oceans and your local lakes and quarries. This entry-level certification allows you to participate in many supervised and unsupervised dive activities. You will probably want to take additional training later, but Open Water Scuba Diver certification will start you on your way to many exciting underwater adventures.  Junior Open Water Divers must dive with a certified diver who holds an Open Water Diver Certification or higher.  Can upgrade to a full Open Water Certification when they turn 15.
Ages 10 -14
Starting at $325

Advanced Adventure Diver

If you’ve taken your Open Water Scuba Diver course and are now ready to expand your knowledge but would like to see what is out there first, then the SDI Advanced Adventure Diver course is for you! The SDI Advanced Adventure course will give you an overview of five different SDI specialties. Two of the required specialties are the Deep Diver and Navigation Diver specialties which are the foundation of continuing diver education. Depth Limited to 70ft.
Ages 10 and up.